Glossier Pop-Up

When I found out a Glossier Pop-up (temporary retail space) was going up in Chicago, I immediately set a date to check it out.

You hear pop up, you know it's going to be something exciting. I have never tried a single thing from Glossier and knew very little about the brand. What I did know is they have a super poppin' lipgloss that everyone loves, and their marketing; per Instagram, is on point. <Add nail polishing emoji here>

It's crazy to learn about new products doing amazing things that they don't sell at Sephora or Ulta like wait, Sephora doesn't sell this? Before going off to explore what Glossier had to offer, I wanted to do a little research on what everyone loved and a little backstory on Glossier. The first thing I came across when researching was their Motto "Skin first, Makeup Later" As someone who has struggled with break out prone skin, I could not agree with this more. (Click here to read my blog post on skincare)

The line screams Girl Power; Founder Emily Weiss feels there's a stigma around the women who like to spend a little extra time on getting ready. After interviewing hundreds of woman, she wanted to create a line of Skincare and Makeup based on what woman want rather than a brand telling you what you need in your makeup bag, and giving women the option to pick from a range of products that empowers them and allows them to embrace their beauty routine.

The pop-up was set up so you can dig right in and play. The décor was so posh; antique-framed artwork surrounded the store, along with fresh orchids, it was beautiful. The showroom employees adding to the décor, wore these pink suits that are utility jumpsuits dyed Glossier pink, How fun is that?

The entire line embraces skincare and the "no makeup - makeup" look. Here's a peek into what caught my eye and some of what I took home and been using.

Let's play!

The Perfecting Skin Tint: Super lightweight very light coverage great for a day at the beach or if you hate going to the gym with a face naked. I have clients that I only airbrush because they don't like the feeling of foundation and this would be a great alternative. The skin tint would be more of a summer product for me, I would probably layer with a powder foundation for added coverage and to set in place. I love that it lets your skin breath, but I have some acne scars I like to cover.

Lash Slick:

I'm so particular with my mascaras and I have to say, I love Lash Slick. The wand is super firm which I feel like gets the job done faster, Its separating and lengthening - a no messing around type of mascara. Picking a mascara depends on our personal lashes but I feel like a mascara that's separating is always good to have. My lashes are long but lack volume, because the wand is so firm it gives you all the control and I love that. I do like five coats of mascara to manipulate my lashes how I want them to look. This mascara is a must try.

Body Hero:

First off THE SMELL guys. It's like your on an island in Fiji. As soon as I smelled it, I knew there was Neroli in it- one of my favorites essential oils. Tom Ford uses a lot of Neroli in his fragrance line which is how I first fell I love with it. The body lotion absorbed quickly and hydrated my body well. I'll report back in the winter months and update the blog on how well it hydrates then.

Neroli oil is an essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Its scent is sweet, honeyed and somewhat metallic with green and spicy facets.

Balm Dotcom: Super hydrating and includes natural ingredients. I thought I would love the Rose, but the scent was a bit overwhelming, I've used the Cherry twice in my makeup kit (For clients), and they love it. I think next I will try the regular one, its fragrance and color free.

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Cloud Paint:

I am super obsessed with Cloud Paint; I was surprised how well it dried down and how long it wore. Cream blush is especially great for drier skin, but also if you like a softer, dewier look. I think if you're not used to using liquid blush it can be a little tricky upon application, because if you blend too much its gone and you'll have to reapply. I love applying liquid blush with a stippling brush and then using my fingers and dab where needed. I got so excited and used Dusk on my lips on accident and loved the natural nude the color. The pink-suited girls said its hydrating enough for your lips as well as cheeks, bonus.

Boy Brow: Boy Brow is quick and easy and makes a huge difference. It darkens and gives my eyebrows a fuller look darker look, with just a swipe its the perfect brow product. If I'm going for a bolder look I'll apply boy brow and then Anastasia Beverly hills pomade along with it. It also keeps the hair down and in place which is also great for when you go to long without seeing your thread or wax lady.

Super Glow: I've been using for a month now, my skin is visibly more hydrated and brighter. The consistency took a little bit of getting used to because of its liquid form- which you wouldn't expect from a serum. I use a cotton pad with the dropper, and it makes for easier application. I've also been adding a few drops into my moisturizer in the morning for added moisture.

Solution: I could not be more obsessed with exfoliating and was so excited to try this guy out, but I've only tried it once due to a minor irritation after using it. Its possible it doesn't mix well with products I'm already using, I'll have to try it again. Will report back.

It was so fun to explore Glossier and I hope they have as much fun in Chicago as we had in their Pop up shop. Maybe this was a trial run for a store opening? We can only hope.

I've made it easy for you guys to shop, just click the product your interested in.

If you have time to check out the Pop up its here till October 28th.Click here to go back to top to start shopping.